Italian, Israel Air Forces Complete Joint Aerial Exercise in Sardinia

The Israeli and Italian air Forces concluded an extensive, two-week exercise in Sardinia this Friday. Members from four Israel Air Force fighter squadrons participated in the exercise, “The Twin-Tail Knights” and “The Spearhead” flying F-15Cs and Ds from the Tel-Nof base, and the “Defenders Of The South” and “The Golden Eagle” squadrons from the Nevatim IAF base, flying F-16s. The exercise was the first international training deployment of the “Eitam” (G550), an Early Warning & Control aircraft. The Italian element in the exercise played the ‘red team’ of adversary air force, challenging the Israelis with Eurofighter Typhoons, AMXs, Panavia Tornado and F-16s ‘aggressors’.

International training deployments are essential for the IAF to maintain pilot skills in extended-range operation, under changing weather conditions, over unfamiliar areas, fly at low altitude over the vast uninhibited areas of the island, perform precision navigation flights and practice cooperation with foreign NATO elements as part of coalition operations. The IAF has deployed to Sardinia for several years. In October 2009 Israeli Air Force F-15Es and F-16Is also deployed to Cagliari base in Sardinia, to participate in a similar exercise. According to Lt. Col A., “The Golden Eagle” squadron leader, the international training program will incorporate more air forces in the future, and the Italian Air Force plans to deploy aircraft on training missions to Israel in the future.

Aviation Week | November 27, 2010

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